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July 08 2015, 01:39 PM #1

Scott Quigley


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How To: New PWF Partner Finder System

Many of you have expressed a desire to meet and fish with other members of the club. We have created a new partner finder system, that we believe will make finding other members to fish with a much simpler process. The new system allows you to list your reservations as open to other members, and allows you to browse a list of other member's reservations that have been listed as open. Click Here to view the list of reservations that are currently open to those looking for a trip.

Below are two "How To" videos on using the new Partner Finder System. We hope this new addition to the club will help many of you find fishing partners and form some new friendships.

How to Add a Reservation to the PWF Partner Finder System

This video covers how to add your reservations to the PWF Partner Finder System. To learn how to view your reservation(s) that are already on the Partner Finder System, remove your reservation(s) from the Partner Finder list, or accept another member's request to join your reservation, please click the link above and skip to 3:25 (3 minutes and 25 seconds into the video.)


How to Join a Reservation through the PWF Partner Finder System

This video covers how to request to join another member's reservation through the PWF Partner Finder System.

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