Bass app not always right

Sep 13 2020

William Fetech


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Reservation Number : 25684
Property Name : Gallant Elm Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/10/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 23 / 1-3 lbs
Lures Used : Crank and paddle tail

Although the bass app said it was a poor day for fishing, I had not been for some time and I had the afternoon off. 

I was worried the app was right as it rained most of the ride to Medina. 

I hit the water about 2 and left about 7. 

Medina is very low and the back right side is dry. I started with a top water and a jerk along the dam with no success. I switched to a medium running crank and a weighted paddle tail and ended-up catching about 22. I culled 14, released 3, and the rest did a quick release near my kayak. I also caught 1 catfish and lost what felt like a good sized one since it was pulling drag. 

I caught several on back to back casts and several but the lure as it hit the water.

The  pattern was to fish standing timber or shallow grass beds near the bank. Standing timber not near the bank were unproductive. 

Bill Fetech