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December 03 2018, 08:41 PM #1

Steve Alexander


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Accuracy of your Reservation

Dear PWF members,

Thank you for your continued support of our unique club. I feel like we have something special at Private Water Fishing. Having access to fish on more than 70 lakes, representing more than 50 landowners is unique.

Managing expectations with our landowners and our members is something we work hard to maintain. Our landowners are paid by the number of people who fish on their property for the time frame stated on your reservation. They are paid differently for adults, youth, children and non-fishing guests. So, it is paramount that your reservations are accurate.

Here are some examples of inaccurate reservations made recently:

1)    Having a non-fishing guest, fishing. Even if your non-fishing guest fishes for 10 minutes during the reservation the reservation must be amended. Simply call the office. 
2)    Having youth age (13-17) children being listed as children (12 and under) on the reservation. 
3)    Having more people fishing on your reservation than your reservation allows. We understand you want to add folks last minute and we want you to add guests, even last minute. If you don’t have 3 minutes to modify your reservation on-line, simply call the office number 24 hours a day and leave a voicemail telling us you added someone. Why call in advance? Glad you asked. We do get phone calls from landowners telling us that 2 are booked, but 3 are fishing. 
4)    Having an AM reservation and fishing past 12:00 PM
5)    Having a ½ day reservation and fishing from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Some justify that this is just a ½ day, but folks that is not how it works. Half day AM is dawn to noon. Half day PM in noon to dusk.

I have heard justifications to all the above examples. In all the examples above a member is violating our agreements with landowners. When this happens, this damages our credibility. When our credibility is damaged landowners lose faith. When they lose faith, we lose leases.

Moving forward, please note that we cannot accept inaccurate reservations. Please don’t be the one to cost our members a lease. Those making inaccurate reservations will be asked to leave the club.

 In 9 years of owning Private Water Fishing I have not had to send this type of email out. We have a wonderful membership of like-minded outdoors men.




December 06 2018, 03:59 AM #2

William Fetech


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Let’s all do our part to keep this from happening. 


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