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April 25 2019, 05:37 PM #1

William Butler


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Bass Forecast - PWF

Just saw the email from BassForecast advertising PWF.  

Anyone have any feedback on this app?  Worth the money?  Work?

April 26 2019, 02:42 AM #2

Sunny Vanderbeck


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I subscribed. I figure for ten bucks I've bought a lot of lures that might or might not work, so I gave it a shot.

I've found the lure suggestions to be really good reminders of similar class lures at a given speed or presentation. For really small bodies of water it may be a little behind or ahead because the water temp changes faster.  Same good reminders on location (points etc) I'll often remember two, but not all three spots. Both are driven by season/temp/etc.

And I'm sure they are working the algorithm and improving it in the background. 

Net net I always look at it.

April 29 2019, 03:56 PM #3

Mark Daugherty

Slot Fish

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I am a subscriber, and in addition to the primary, intended use - I am a big fan of the "Catch Logs".  I copy over my PWF fishing report details into the Catch Logs feature in BassForecast along with a "star-rating" on the day and my favorite photo from the day.  Yeah, it's some additional work, but I really enjoy having the chronological rundown of all of my PWF outings in a single place for reference, as well as a quick memory of an enjoyable day with an added bit of motivation for planning my next outing!  There have been a few technical glitches, but support has been responsive and fixes have been worked into releases.

May 02 2019, 04:56 PM #4

Larry Maupin

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Mark, that sounds like a great system. I'm not that organized. I used to read fishing reports for various public lakes in newspapers (remember them?), magazines and online. My results were usually much different. Same for phases of the moon, tides, etc. So now I go when I can and make the best of the situation. "Cattle are grazing - fishing's amazing" - have proved that wrong many times too. LOL  The only thing I pay much attention to now is rain and cold fronts. Other than that, I'm good to go...

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