Casting/golf elbow

Jan 25 2019

Craig Awtrey


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Casting/golf elbow

Hey guys,

I've been looking at healing my elbow issue before the season starts up again and I am on the water every week. Tried braces, massaging, etc, but was not getting any relief from the pain. To be specific, I would experience sharp pain near the elbow when gripping anything, or washing my hands which puts my hands in a praying pose.

As I was going to order another brace on Amazon, it recommend the Theraband Flexbar, so I added that to the cart as well.

The brace was okay, it mitigated some pain. But the Flexbar doing the opposite twist motion for their tennis elbow exercise(The Tyler Twist) has reduced my elbow pain by at least 90% after one usage.

So I am putting this out there, as I know that there is probably someone else here that deals with this pain from casting.

Jan 28 2019

Steve Carpenter


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Thanks for the info. Hope that never develops for me

Jan 30 2019

Steve Alexander


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Interesting stuff. I get a little tendentious  once in awhile. Might need to try this. 

Apr 16 2019

Glen Armstrong

Slot Fish

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I have used the Thera-Band in the past also and really works. In fact I discovered it in an article for physical therapists. Their conclusion was that is was the only therapy that worked for most people with elbow tendonitis.