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August 26 2019, 09:44 PM #1

Keith Barfield


Member Since : 2015
Number of Posts : 74

Don't leave home without it!

Driving home from a recent trip, I pondered the PWF experiences I have had in the 3 and half years I have been a member.  Maybe to help the newer members, I wanted to start a discussion on memorable items you either forgot or now always bring with you.  Outside of basic fishing gear.

I had an unfortunate "incident" in one of my first PWF trips.  Now, I always have my Luggable Loo with me.

It has come in handy on more than one occasion!  Another time I left an oar at home.  Luckily, the property had one in the club boat.  I suspect many PWF veterans can share other memories and / or close calls on loading up for a long fishing trip.




August 28 2019, 09:31 PM #2

Steve Carpenter


Member Since : 2015
Number of Posts : 298

always have two battery's and a tool kit in my truck that includes wire strippers, a file, connectors, ties, fuses for electrical issues. A hydralic jack since I trailer my boat and a piece of wood to place it on. Also knee high water proof boots to launch or bank fish. I have also found that a 2 piece kayak paddle is very handy when the lakes are very weedy like many of ours are. Helps to get in open water

Look forward to hearing from others.


September 05 2019, 04:16 PM #3

Larry Maupin

Slot Fish

Member Since : 2012
Number of Posts : 211

Twice in 7 years I've been stuck at water's edge in a 2WD truck. So I put together a "portable 4WD in a bag" kit. Both times I was stuck I just needed a little leverage to get out. So now i take a come-along with a large metal stake, a large hammer to drive the stake and a long towing strap so I can work my way up to dry ground. Funny, since I've carries that bag I've never needed it. Maybe I'm a bit smarter now...

September 16 2019, 08:28 PM #4

Sunny Vanderbeck


Member Since : 2019
Number of Posts : 8

Frabill Lure Retriever. Telescoping. I've saved a lot of re-tie time, and a lot of my lures stuck in brushpiles.

Auto-inflatable life jacket so I'll actually wear it in the summer.

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