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April 06 2019, 07:56 PM #1

Jim Bennett


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How to post pictures oriented UPRIGHT every time

Having problems getting your picture to load oriented correctly? Mine would look fine on the Explorer, but when I loaded them they would fall on their side.

After 6 or 7 frustrating attempts, I was finally able to get my pictures posted upright as I wanted every time, instead of rotated on their side. 

How? Essentially, follow Seth Knochel instructions on the Oct 2014 post "How to upload pictures", but at Step 3, when you browse to your file, instead of clicking the file, put your mouse on it, right-click, choose Open with--> Photo Gallery.  This will open the file for edit.  From here right-click the image to rotate left, or right, or do nothing if it is oriented correctly.  Close the file (X out) then continue upload as per Step 4.  Simply opening the file from here will put a stamp on the file with the correct orientation.

Good luck and tightlines.





April 08 2019, 08:59 AM #2

Tom Dillon


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Good stuff here. Thanks, Jim.

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