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May 25 2020, 01:44 PM #1

Craig Miller


Member Since : 2020
Number of Posts : 7

Lowrance fishhunter castable depth finder

Anybody have any experience with the Lowrance Fishhunter castable depthfinder. Looks like it might be good for bank anglers or small boat users. It's the size of a baseball, floats & transducer transmits image to your cell phone. Craig Miller

May 26 2020, 12:35 PM #2

Craig Awtrey


Member Since : 2017
Number of Posts : 66

I had purchased one before Lowrance bought that company. It went back to Amazon after one outing as it failed to connect to my phone unless it was right next to the boat. Also drained the phone battery really fast.

Good idea, but I'm not sure they are worth it unless you are perhaps ice fishing.

I ended up purchasing a Fishing Buddy MAX DI, which doesn't have any cool mapping features, but it works.




June 01 2020, 09:44 AM #3

Jeff Cavitt


Member Since : 2019
Number of Posts : 16

We use the Deeper brand castable depth finder and it works very well. Sometimes we will just tie it to the boat to scan beneath. Definitely recommend it.

June 07 2020, 08:30 AM #4

Dale Pybus


Member Since : 2009
Number of Posts : 95


I've never used that particular Lowrance unit but here is what I have used on my buster boat for years. It's a Humminbird Piranha 20, portable, battery operated depth finder. It folds up easily and has about 15 feet of cable attached to the transducer. I simply drilled a hole in a plastic clamp and attached the transducer to the clamp. Then you can easily clamp on to the shaft of your trolling motor below water level. Runs a AA batteries and provides depth, water temp and Fish ID. At high sensitivity it will show a thermocline.

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