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December 14 2019, 08:20 PM #1

David May

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"Ned Rig" versus "shaky head" in our ponds and lakes

As fall turns to winter each year, I move to throwing Midwestern finesse techniques the majority of the time. As many of the "fishin' holes" I frequent are conservation lakes or impoundments, they all tend to have that gently sloping shape towards the deeper middle sections, in many cases with a dam at one end giving the greatest depth at that location. Often in winter I will fish this area from the bank before launching the boat. 

I fish the Ned rig mostly as a swimming type of retrieve with the classic "shake and retrieve a few turns" approach and sometimes with longer pauses of 3-10 seconds. The shaky head I fish with the "bump along the bottom" motif. I go to the shaky head in vegetation or significant brush where the Ned tends to snag a bit. 

On another forum, I saw a post in which an angler stated he did not fish the shaky head from the bank because it "won't stand up" on a retrieve from the bank. I had never heard this and wondered what you all thought of that comment. In my view, given the gentle slope of many of our lakes and the configuration of the dam end of an impoundment lake the shaky head should work well. I catch fish on it (but perhaps at a much slower rate than I should?). 

And for the sake of full disclosure, I have never caught "100 fish in 4 hours" as the Midwestern finesse aficionados indicate that they do! I'm lucky to get 4 an hour. 

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