Good day at Cody ranch.

May 08 2023

Randy Smejkal


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Reservation Number : 36244
Property Name : Cody Ranch Peach Creek and Crabgrass Lakes
Reservation Date : 05/07/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : Crabgrass: 11 fish, culled 6, largest 2lbs. Peach Creek: 18 fish, all over 14", 4 over 3 lbs.
Lures Used : Plastic worms and spinnerbait. Most on plastic worms (pumpkin seed/chartruse tail. fished the edges of the moss and weeds.

Cody ranch has gotten plenty of rain and all the lakes are full or close to it.  Light breeze, partly cloudy, 80 degrees.  most fish were found along the moss/weed line, especially if there was timber nearby.  Peach Creek bass were all chunky healthy bass..  Crabgrass seems to have a lot of smaller fish, right around 12 – 14 inches and some larges perch.

May 08 2023

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for the report. We have not had many reports at these lakes. Peach Creek has produced the most fish over 10 lbs and has pure Floridas..