First PWF trip

May 09 2023

David Danner


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Reservation Number : 36264
Property Name : Hopkins Lake
Reservation Date : 05/08/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 32: 1-2 lbs, largest 2.5 lbs
Lures Used : Nothing worked consistently

I only fished the first pond.  Nice clear water, lots of timber in the back.  Driving over the levee I could see fish everywhere, including something huge, maybe a catfish.  School after school of baby fish.  Ecosystem looks to be pretty good here.  Could probaby use some thinning out though to get some larger fish.  I threw half the tacklebox, nothing worked consistantly.  Strangest thing was that they were not hammering the lures, very few hard thumps.  Water temp was reading mid 70s, deepest spot I marked was 20 feet.  There is a boat on each pond, I cannot comment on the condition, I used my own.  Also saw some turkey, cows, snakes, geese, and an angry beaver.  Talked to the landowner in passing and she was very pleasant.

May 09 2023

Mark Daugherty


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Welcome aboard David – that's a pretty full experience and good numbers for solo. Thanks for sharing!