Great day at Escondido

May 23 2023

Doug Johnson


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Reservation Number : 36358
Property Name : Lago Escondido
Reservation Date : 05/23/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30-40 w/only 6 under 14
Lures Used : Red Senko's, Chatterbaits

Great day at Escondido.  Water still way low but lake is being pumped which is a good sign.  Started out with a Chatterbait and hooked a few but switched to a Red Senko which proved to be the color of choice.  Caught a few on blue/yellow tail but quickly went back to the red color  Fished till 11:30 and caught between 30 and 40 total with ony 6 under 14” but none over 3.5.  Majority of fish weere either off the dam or around the trees.  The shallows in the back of the lake produced a few but most were deep on teh submerged structure.