Awesome Day at Beaver Lake!

Jun 12 2023

Scott Quigley


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Fished Beaver Lake Saturday with members Mike Mehlmann and Carl Sparks.  Beaver is an incredible fishery like the other Marshall lakes and you just know that every cast could produce a PB.  Sure enough, Carl had one of those casts late afternoon after a rain delay, beautiful 8.4lber caught on a swim bait on top of a bed of coon tail, she dove into the coon tail but fortunately Carl had some strong line and we were able to get her up and netted…when we uncovered the head and saw that giant mouth we knew it was a monster!  The crazy part is Mike predicted an 8-4 would be caught on a swim bait when we headed back out, Basstradamus indeed 😀, and Carl picked the spot earlier in the day but the rain knocked us off before we got there.

We finished the day with pretty good numbers as the evening bite was on, but it is the quality that makes this place special.  We had at least a couple of other giant bites but couldn't close on them.  Multiple fish over five and lots of solid 3-4 pounders that fight like much bigger fish!

We stayed at the Owner’s Retreat and if you haven’t done that yet, you owe it to yourself to do it.  Truly a special place with every amenity you could imagine and Craig is an incredibly gracious host!