Better than working!

Aug 16 2023

David Danner


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Reservation Number : 37117
Property Name : Hopkins Lake
Reservation Date : 08/15/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12 all under 1.5lbs
Lures Used : Fluke and jig with spinner

Fished the smaller (second) pond first.  Water is not as clear as the other pond, but it is deeper towards the back than the other one.  I did not bring my boat this time or I woud have explored the back more.  There is a boat on each pond.  The boat on the smaller pond is sketchy at best, lots of water coming in, so I did not make it to the back of the lake because there is no where to pull on shore and dump the water.  Had a mouse keep me company until I dumped water.  Only caught 4 on the small lake and did not see much swimming around.

Moved to the larger pond and see small fish, bait, and bream all over the bank.  I only bank fished this one, landed 8.  Saw plenty of small fish, nothing was really going on though, they were not even hitting the grasshoppers jumping into the water.  Just a slow day, but better than being at work!  Cows attacked my truck leaving cow snot everywhere, so be careful what you leave out or if the tailgate is down. 

12 overall but nothing of size.  Just nice to be out.  Really want to see what this place has when it cools off.