3 Bites All Day 11-29-23

Nov 30 2023

Bob Scheidemann

Slot Fish

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Slow day on this usually productive tank! We thought the overcast day would yield lots of action but the bass had lockjaw! Collectively we caught 3 bass with the largest at 17”.

Fellow member John Shepard and I arrived at sunrise and started walking the bank before moving to the jon boat midmorning and threw everything (Ned, Shaky, drop shot, flukes, wacky & trig worms & senkos, slow crawled creatures, sq bills, cranks chatterbaits) with zero action. Parked the boat around noon to regroup, as the cloud cover thinned and the sun tried to break through and bam… had three bites from the dam in quick succession for 30 min. The bite died just as quickly as the sun went behind the clouds for the rest of the afternoon. Finally packed it up and headed back to Htown at 4PM. The three fish hit on a slow rolled spinnerbait, a blade bait, and a gold spoon. All of the bites were within casting distance from the drain at the dam.

Water was stained with 12” visibility. Just enough dying grass on the bottom to occasionally hang up bottom hugging lures. Also saw evidence of an algal bloom along the north shore.

Till next time!