Whitecaps at KBar 2/27/24

Feb 28 2024

Bob Scheidemann

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 38690
Property Name : K Bar Ranch
Reservation Date : 02/27/2024 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 18 bass (largest 18') 8 culled
Lures Used : Shakey Head and Sq Bill early morning

Arrived at dawn to high forecast wind (sustained 10 > 15mph) and overcast skies. Started fishing from the bank and caught 8 right off the bat on Golden Pond (15 – 17”). Decided to move to the smaller jon boat at 9am to fish the north shore of Lake Raymond...big mistake! Just after boating two bass (17’ & 18”) the wind velocity picked up to over 20mph, whitecaps materalized and the anchor wouldn’t hold! It quickly became apparent that the wind was too strong and that the bite had died. Thankfully my 55lb trolling motor had just enough thrust to get me safely back to the west bank.

After regrouping, I spent the rest of the day grinding it out fishing from the bank and managed to catch my 8 culls (dinks to 14”) between  3 – 4pm.

The tanks are full from the recent rains, the water temp was 69f with clarity was up to 4ft in places and there is some weed growth on the bottom of the tanks that requires the occasional cleaning of treble hooks.

The fish were all healthy and the females look like they are getting ready for the coming spawn.


P.S. Raymond has cleared a lot of the brush growth around Golden Pond so it is very fishable from the bank. I also asked him to thank Mr. Ernie for allowing us to fish his ranch!