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Mar 25 2024

John Egan

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 39164
Property Name : K Bar Ranch
Reservation Date : 03/24/2024 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7 to 2 lbs
Lures Used : Watermelon Red Wacky Worm, Pit Boss Craw color

Wind at 30 MPH out of the SE. Having booked the day, I stayed with it. Missed a few dinks on the south end of Lake Raymond. Best spot somewhat shielded from the wind was the SW corner of Golden Pond. Pulled 5 out of there with a Craw colored Pit Boss fishing the N side of a small point. Tried the deep E side of Golden and pulled a couple straight up from about 10 feet. Culled one 13 incher full of eggs. I had plenty of “light” bits most of the day. Talked to Raymond and he showed me a photo of a large bass he recently caught but no details. The 1st gate into the cement plant was wide open when I arrived and that is the way I left it. I look forward to calmer days ahead.