Family Fun at Riley Lake

May 06 2024

Bruce Browne


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Reservation Number : 39040
Property Name : Riley Lake
Reservation Date : 05/03/2024 PM - 05/04/2024 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : 17 total LMB 4 over the slot to 3.6LBS
Lures Used : Swim jig, Swim Bait with underspin, spinnerbait, frog

Wife and I took the family to Riley Lake  to include our grandchildren to catch some fish and relax.  Beautiful property and fantastic cabin very confortable, thanks to the landowners once again to allow us to be on this property.  The water was very muddy and  that did not lend well to catching alot of fish or any of size. Weather was perfect.  I can reccomend this property for the solitud alone. Saw a grouping of deer early Saturday morning as I was fishing could not be a better picture.