Waterboo 5-11-24

May 11 2024

Eric Sciara


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Reservation Number : 39797
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/11/2024 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 LMB
Lures Used : Spinnerbait & plastic worm

Took me a LONG time to find this lake and I probably drove a lot of places you’re not supposed too. The directions say it is way back and it is, plus the humps in the road (water diversion?) give the impression that you’re not supposed to be going that way. Don’t be in anything smaller than an average size SUV to get to this spot. Didn’t cull the fish because I was fishing out of a belly boat, so no place to really get rid of them. Caught 5 that could have been culled and 1 just over the size minimum. Fish fought hard especially for their size. Only fished about 3 hours because of the delay in finding the lake, the snakes, and then it looked like rain and I didn’t want problems driving back out.