Wish I had had a boat!

Jun 01 2024

John Cozart


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Reservation Number : 40014
Property Name : Harrison Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/01/2024 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5
Lures Used : senko on wacky rig

The main lake is very nice.  I fished for three hours both from the bank and from the Jon boat and caught five nice bass.  Bank fishing is limited and I really needed a boat.  There is a two man pelican boat but one seat is broken and the other does not fit the boat.  The Jon boat is in bad shape – plug is broken and water leaks in, area in back for trolling motor is rotton and would not hold a trolling motor.  I would like to come back to this lake, but will make sure that I have my own boat with me for the next trip!

Jun 01 2024

John Freeman

Slot Fish

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Years ago when I had my bass boat I learned to carry a spare plug in my tackle box. Low n behold my very 1st PWF trip the boat had no plug (found it in the grass later). Glad I had a plug. I would recommend 1”, and 3/4”. That should cover most club boats.