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Jul 30 2013 #1

Bruce Bernard

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Flag Lakes, Jefferson

A Salute to Flag Lakes

I had a chance to fish Flag Lakes several days ago.  What a beautiful property!  I was just passing through and only had a short time to fish.  I fished for 1 1/2 hours and caught 21 bass on frogs.  Biggest was 7 1/2 lbs.  It was 2:30 PM at the start of the fishing.  All the fish were really hitting aggressively.  It was overcast and 85 degrees.  Water was very clear.


Posted By: Bruce Bernard
Aug 03 2013 #2

Jay Reese

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How’s the bank fishing there? Do I need my buster boat? My wife had talked about shopping in Jefferson one day thought we might book that property and fish half a day I’ve never fished there

Aug 07 2013 #3

Jerry King


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Went yesterday and got there at 2:30 PM.  Too hot for me. It was up to 100 degrees.  It is a great property and I would like to return later in the year.  Water is crystal clear, I did not have a boat and bank fished for 2 hours.  Only caught 2 bass around a pound each.  However I think it was the wrong time of day and the bank fishing handicapped me as well as the heat.  Did you have a boat when you fished and which lake did you fish?  Jerry

Mar 24 2014 #4

Bruce Bernard

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Sorry for the delayed response, I didn’t notice there were questions. 

1.  The bank access is great I fished the two lakes nearest the road and fished them easily from the bank.
2.  Boat access would me a minor improvement, but the bank access is good enough that I don’t think you miss much by bank fishing here.


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