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Oct 03 2015 #1

Phillip D. Chapin

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The Trailer at Heartland 10-10 Ranch, Marshall

Fishing Marshal 10/10

3 buddies and i went on our annual trip to Marshal 10/10 and had the usual great results.. caught a total of 50+ fish per boat.. fished the last couple days before deer hunting set in at Marshal.. spent one evening at Leaky and on the second cast caught a 9.8 lbr that was the longest bass i have ever seen.. if it had a belly it would have gone 12+ lbs.. i weighed it, but wish i would have measured it.. spent the rest of our time at Home Place..  Dr Bean reported he caught most his just inside the timber , we had to move back in a ways and follow the big trees lining the creek.. great time as always and man was it dusty.. i had to have my van detailed after all the dusty roads (but no complaints). Craig said no rain there since first of August.. as always Craig came to say hey and see if we needed anything.. he works hard there to keep everything going , along with his co worker.. i only have one request.. all the place needs is a nice 40" flat screen TV..LOL.. the place used to have a flat screen but the Doc told me last time we were there that lightening had hit it and knocked it out.. Maybe even a 50 " yes  still always a great time had by all,  thanks to Seth for setting me up, and to Craig & workers for making us always feel welcome…. 


Posted By: Phillip D. Chapin
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