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Apr 26 2016 #1

Bryan Buchan


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Cody Ranch The Cabin, Coalgate

Enjoyable Weekend at Cody Ranch

Had a great time fishing Cody Ranch with my son and brother the weekend of April 22-24.  Talked with Steve Cody during our stay, and as always he was a wonderful host.  We fished Twin Lakes one full day and Crabgrass / Peach Creek two half days.  Somewhat surprisingly, we didn't do very well on South Twin.  Caught a few small fish, but nothing like last year when we caught an abundance of fish, and a couple of really large fish.  North twin we did better, but still only small fish, all under 14".   In terms of quantity, we actually did best on Crabgrass, where the 3 of us caught over 50 in two half days.  Mostly under the 14" limit, so we cleaned all of them and ate some of them the second night.  I don't know if it's our perception or reality, but the Florida strain bass from Crabgrass seemed to taste really good.  The meat cleaned and tasted more like crappie than bass.  Or maybe I'm just a really good cook, who knows.  Anyway, in summary, no large fish, but a lot of fish caught, and a lot of fun had.  It's an enjoyable property, and it was good to spend some quality time with family.


Posted By: Bryan Buchan
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