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Oct 05 2016 #1

Phillip D. Chapin

Slot Fish

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The Trailer at Heartland 10-10 Ranch, Marshall

Great as always

Sorry for the late report.. fished a couple days on our usual fall trip on Marshal a couple weeks ago with buddies and brother.  big thanks to Craig, Seth & Kerri as always for their help each trip to Marshall.. beautiful weather the whole stay, got pretty warm in middle of day so went in to trailer for long lunches,, in my boat we caught 100+ nice bass (stopped counting), my brothers boat had 50+ nice bass.. had some run over 4lbs the rest in the 1 1/2 - 3lb area.. great as always (never disappoints).. thanks private water fishing for all the great years ive had as a member and the many memories, and more to be had


Posted By: Phillip D. Chapin

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