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Mar 25 2017 #1

Sandy L. Embry


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Hawg Trough Lake: Heartland 10-10 Ranch, Marshall

The anchor wouldn't hold

Fished Hawg Trough Friday with my brother until the wind blew us off the lake.  We were late getting started as we had to wait for the boat to be brought to the lake.  The boat is very nice and easy to fish out of.  We had a couple of hours of fairly calm winds to fish.  The fish have really good coloring at this lake, they are that dark green color and are really healthy.  We got 20 or so to the bought and missed another 15 or so.  Had one at 4.6 lbs and another at 3 lbs.  The others were in the 1-2 lb range.  Caught them all on soft plastic, either a weightless fluke or trickstick.   We did try a rattletrap, stickbait and crankbait.  The wind finally won out about 3:30 and we left to get in before the rain came in. 


Posted By: Sandy L. Embry
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