Jun 12 2017

Philip Pruitt


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If you are looking for a remote PWF lake with peace and quiet, well this ones for you! Full moon all night which is never a good sign, they had a night light on to snack all the way up until day light. My brother and I loaded our gear in the roomy double trolling motor set up tracker boat and got started throwing something new to both of us. The big top water "Whopper Plopper" (WP) and those bass were jumping out of the water for it. So many strikes, hits, misses, it was a freak show to watch. Our success ratio on landing fish using these baits - only about can a fish not stay on 6 of those huge hooks…....not sure if it was us or the massive hooks that were the problem. The fish just seemed to toy with them, not really committing 100% but striking and playing with them to say the least. Lots of extreme toilet bowl flushes (you know that giant sucking sound) which will get your blood boiling and makes you want to get that bait back in the water quick. And then as the weather man predicted, the wind picked up to the point that top water baits were know longer effective. That region is a wind mill corridor, there everywhere…........We had to go to Mr. old faithful…...the senko pumkin seed weightless Texas rig to get it done. Much better success rate on these baits. 90+% success versus the 50% on the big WP. These fish pound for pound, pull harder than any we have come across in the PWF club. They do not want to come to the boat or be touched by human hands. No culls and everyone of them fat and happy. The bait fish here is plentiful for sure. We shut it down with about 15 minutes of daylight left. Total count ended up at 51 bass. Most of them ranged between 3 1/2 to 6 pounds. Most all of the fish had noticeable guts from over eating. Cute little belly bulges. See the photo example below. Not me, the fish. If we would of had better success on the Whooper Plopper hook ups (100% instead of 50%) we probably would have ended up with around 81 bass with a much heavier big fish than 6#. That's why they call it fishing instead of catching right? Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda! We will fish this lake again soon. Great day, Awesome Ranch & Tight Lines! Does it get any Better? PS: There are some Double D's in this lake, no doubt about it….................too much forage bait fish for these bass puppy's to eat anytime they want to…................gonna come back and catch one or two soon :)

Posted By: Philip Pruitt