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Apr 23 2018 #1

James Stewart

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Waco Creek Ranch, San Saba

WINDY at Waco Creek

My wife and I headed to Waco Creek on Friday (4/20) and Saturday AM (4/21).  The forecasted rain never showed up, but the wind did!!  25+ mph almost all day made it a real challenge to control the boat, make casts, and actually feel the bites.  The temps were 46 on Friday morning, and probably made it to the upper 60's on Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning was a little warmer (54), but we had to leave at 10 to get to San Angelo for my daughter's soccer game against ASU.  The water temps started out at 65, and the highest I saw was 68.  Cloudy, windy, and cool.  The lake was full, and the water extremely clear with at least 6' of visibility.  The weeds grow out to about 10' deep due to the water clarity.


We caught about 30 on Saturday and only 9 on Sunday, but the size was impressive.  No real monsters, but my wife caught the biggest one at 6.01 (i'll never hear the end of that).  We only harvested 2 under the 16" minimum, so the rest were between 3 and 5 pounds.  I weighed most of them, and my best 5 weighed just over 22 pounds.  The fish were very aggressive at times; i actually landed a 4.5 and a 3.5 that i hooked on my bone Pro Sizzle, one on the front hook and one on the back hook.  i'll try to post the picture later.


We tried all kinds of lures, but our 3 "stars" were the Pro Sizzle (zara spook), a white chatterbait, and a baby bass senko (6" size for the weight needed).  


The boat there is excellent; brand new seats, nice and wide, and a foot controlled motor.  There is also a second motor on the back, but we never used it.  The batteries were brand new Duracell, and even with the wind, the one battery pretty much lasted all day.  even if it had died on us, we had the other one in the back of the boat for a backup.  There was a paddle and i think i saw a life jacket under the front deck.  A big thanks to Ken for having such a nice setup.


One more item to discuss - make sure you add extra time getting to the lake.  You are on crushed rock roads for several miles, and because of the washboard effect on them, you can't drive much over 20 mph.  We set our cruise control on 21 and that seemed to work OK.


Great property, beautiful scenery, lots of animals, and a wonderful lake.  Can't wait to go back.




Posted By: James Stewart
Apr 23 2018 #2

James Stewart

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Here is the 4.5 and 3.5 on the Pro Sizzle; thought I had a real big fish.  I've told stories to my wife for years about catching 2 at once back in the glory days at Lake Fork, but i'm sure she thought it was just another fish story.  She got to see this pair up close and personal as my "net man".


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