Apr 24 2018

Eric Carr


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My brother and I fished 777 Sunday, April 22.  It was cold in the morning and warmed later.  Not too much wind.  White spinners worked OK in the morning.  Lizards fished from the shoreline worked OK later.  We caught 34 bass total all day.  What got almost no bites were: worms, buzz baits, Zara spook, grubtail, Whopper Plopper.  Didn't try cranks.  There was no real bite on all day.  Big one was 4lbs 9oz. Might go back and try some different strategies again in the future.

This place is beautiful, with a manicured lawn around the entire lake, so you can bank-fish the whole lake.  Very different from most lakes.  Average bass was 15-16".

Posted By: Eric Carr

Apr 24 2018

Steve Alexander


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I am tickled when the verdict is undecided when two people can catch 34 bass in a day of fishing with the average size bass is 2 lbs (15-16" bass). While not a GREAT day it is a solid day of fishing at a PWF property.  I know expectations are high anytime you set foot on a PWF property. Moreover, you get to do this at the famed 777 Ranch, likely a top 10 ranch in the state of Texas. All for $140!!! To me, it is a heck of a deall.