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May 29 2018 #1

Reggie Thomas


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Julian Lake, Leesburg

Hanging out at Julian

Saturday we took to the waters of Julian Lake in hopes of lots of action.  The first fish was a nice 3.5 pounder on a Missouri craw jig with a zoom chunk trailer five minutes into the trip.  There were several fish caught around the edges during the first couple of hours mostly on soft plastics.  The bass seemed to like the tequila shad color the most.  One interesting fact was my 14 year old son missed 4 during this time on a white buzz bait and appeared to get a little flustered.  The action slow around lunch time and the heat kicked in so we took a break and went to eat lunch.  After lunch things slowly started to pick up but it was not enough to keep the guys interested and we seemed destined for an early exit.  Then it happened!!!  My boy put on a chartruse and white spinner bait with matching willow leaf blades and went to work.  Over the next 45 minutes he landed 4 nice fish ranging from 3.10 - 4.1 pounds and all of a sudden it was raining spinner baits.  lol.  All in all, we landed 22 fish in the 3.5 -4 pound range, and culled 13 dink fish, most about 10 inches long.  Another great Saturday with my friend and our boys.  Oh and the icing on the cake.  While we were loading the truck, we heard a fish splashing and looked up.  Who else but my son standing on the dock bringing in one last chunk.  Thanks PWF!!



Posted By: Reggie Thomas
May 29 2018 #2

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for posting. I loved raining spinnerbaits! Leesburg Julian is likely in the 10 most underrated lakes in the club. It rarely gets fished because of its smaller size and its distance from Dallas. We have two members in the club that fish this lake almost exclusively and make up 80% of all the reservations for the lake. You will not likely catch your personal best here. But, catching lots of 2.5 to 3.5 lb bass is common. 


May 29 2018 #3

Reggie Thomas


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That is kind of like our story.  We are in South Arkansas and at 3 hours away Julian, Hat and Star, Timber Lake and Deer Trial are the the closest to us.  It was not my first choice but we have never been disappointed (the others were booked for the weekend).  The boys enjoyed it, but by far Timber Lake has won over their hearts.  Speaking of which, Mrs Julian came out to greet us when we arrived and too my surprise she remembered meeting my wife and kids about 5 years ago when we made our first trip there.  


May 29 2018 #4

Robert Scheidemann

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Nice report! Sounds like you had a great day fishing with your family! Can’t wait till my grandson is old enough to fish with me…I’m guessing 4 years from now.



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