I got my grass kicked

May 29 2018

Shayne Wallace


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Man this place is BEAUTIFUL!  The only complaint I have is it's 8 hours from my house in La…  I took two employees with me and made the trek. Got to the cabin at midnight. 5am came quick. Got on the water at daylight. Fish were busting the surface everywhere. We threw Whopper Ploppers in 3 sizes and colors, sprinker frogs, Yellow Magics, Zara spooks and a "jitterbug" from the early 60s…  the lil jitterbug was the star of the topwater bite.  Once the sun got up so did the temps. We moved to deeper water and fished crankbaits, rattle traps, jigs, Senkos, Texas and Carolina rigged creature baits, and squarebills. Squarebills around the edges of the grass was the bait of choice.  Broke for lunch and a nap. Came back and put the squarebill and a swimbait to work until the sun got behind the trees. Pulled out the biggest Whopper Plopper I had and threw it as far as I could. Caught a couple nice fish and a two pound crappie that hit it like a freight train on steroids. Crazy thing.  Ended the day with 28 fish between us. 0 culls.  All the fish were between 2-4 1/2 lbs. The next morning we thought we had a plan. Guess what? The fish had a better plan. We put on a grind until 1:30 and had 10 fish between us.  Broke for lunch and another nap. See the pattern?  Got back on the water about 4 and the wind brought some cloud cover. The fish started biting the squarebills around the grass edges and the creature baits around any stick ups or wood. Finished the day with 45 and 7 "culls".  The culls were TINY. Like 5-7". I'll ask Cole to post a pic of them.  Guys the grass covers the arms back in the creeks and it covers the edges of the main body out to about 10-12 feet but there are some freaks in there!  The big fish of the trip was 6lbs. We had a blast!  The grass was a lil bit of an issue but it's still fishable. The wind was a lil bit of an issue because you couldn't tuck back into the creeks to get out of it. It's remote.  It's hot. But damn it's fun!  I will be back!  Wayne, thanks for all your help but I am gonna be the first reservation next March!  

May 31 2018

Philip Pruitt


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I do see a pattern :) LOL….........March 2019 should be EPIC at San Saba! Thanks for the post and good luck at Laneville on the father - son trip….................