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Jun 07 2018 #1

Mike Mehlmann


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Hawg Trough Lake: Heartland 10-10 Ranch, Marshall

10.10 at 10-10

Joe Mehlmann had an epic day Saturday, June 2 catching his PB 10 lbs. 10 oz. at 10-10 ranch… How apropos. He Caught a 37 pound bag with his five best going 10.10, 8, 6.10, 6.8 and 5.10. Four of the 5 fish were caught in a relatively skinny one hour BassForecast App peak feeding time window.  The rest of our group of six did not fair as well averaging just 4 fish per man per day with one over 6. It is exciting to fish lakes you know can produce a monster on any cast.  The lodging is spectacular and Craig is a wonderful host. It was a great weekend guys get away.

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Posted By: Mike Mehlmann

Jun 07 2018 #2

Robert Scheidemann

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Congrats to Joe! Great fish!



Jun 07 2018 #3

Larry Maupin

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Yes, congrats, Joe! Awesome catch. And the 10 - 10 ranch is a fabulous property!


Jun 07 2018 #4

Danny Renfro

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What was the weapon of choice (lure)?


Jun 07 2018 #5

Tom Dillon


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What a beast - congratulations!


Jun 12 2018 #6

Larry Maupin

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When I was there Craig Brown recommended Magnum Flukes. I had never used them much, but, sure enough, I caught some nice fish there on that lure.

Mike, what did you catch yours on? Inquiring minds want to know…


Jun 12 2018 #7

Shayne Wallace


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Looking at the picture he was on Leaky.  And judging by the telephone poles in the background I assume he was cranking deep.  Just my guess.  (There is wood piled in the creek channel). 


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