Julian on a hot June 30 morning

Jul 03 2018

Rudi Reetz


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Fished for about 2.5 hours on a Thursday morning on another trip out to the area for the weekend.  Didn't make it out for any early morning topwater action. Lake only had about 10" of visibility so tried spinner baits and chatterbaits with no luck. Soft plastics did not do the trick either until I switched to an underspin rigged fluke. Caught five fish from 15" to 20" long (no culls). Biggest was under 5 lbs. Caught a couple off the tiny island out in the middle when there was a good patch of shade on one side.  The others were basically by the damn.  This lake has alot of the nasty black scum if you let the bait touch bottom.  Someone came over to check if everything was OK when we arrived and I told them about their trolling motor that didn't work…luckily I had mine.  Reservation system showed someone had fished full day before me and was also reserved in the afternoon after me…I would be curious to know how they did. Not great numbers but a success when my 12 year old catches a 3.75lb fish.

Posted By: Rudi Reetz

Jul 04 2018

Steve Alexander


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Hi Rudi

Glad you made it to Leesburg. It is one of the most underutilized leases in the club and as you found out it has some really good fish. 

The lake was blocked out the day before your trip and the 1/2 day of your trip to prevent anyone from fishing “on top” of you. The trolling motor is something that we do not provide at this property and likely left on the club provided boat by accident.