Slow bass bite at melody acres

Jul 14 2018

Daniel Pendarvis


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spent July 12-13 (half day and full day) at Melody acres. I’ll start by agreeing with other posters that Patti and Isauro are wonderful hosts. 

Took my 4 year old on his first fishing trip  Isauro was very nice and brought him live worms to fish with  You could barely put one in the water without catching a Crappie, Bluegill or Bream depending on location in the pond  cull bass also hit the worms occasionally  

Both days we were hit by scattered storms, so that may have hampered the bass bite, but it was slow for me. I culled 6 and had two large bass on that threw the hook  there were also another 6-8 small bass that threw the hook.  Since I had a young kid with me I did take lots of breaks, so probably only fished about half as much as most would in that time.

Most bass bites came on a bright silver/Black crankbait that was Shad shaped. I also had a few on wacky rigged pumpkin or watermelon Senkos.  Almost all of my strikes came on the end of the pond with the dock. I only had one strike along the old dam or far end - something hit a top water from at dusk  from near the tree at the far corner, but not hard enough to get hooked.