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Jul 18 2018 #1

Shayne Wallace


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Hawg Trough Lake: Heartland 10-10 Ranch, Marshall

(New Pics) Awesome Guys Weekend



First things first. Getting to meet some fellow PWF   members that love to fish as much or more than Michael aka Slim and myself was awesome.  We had talked a few times and Slim and Bill had met and fished together a couple times but I had never met Bill, Wayne, or Phillip. Great guys with good heads and better hearts. Wayne went as far as giving us hats, pullovers, and a cool thermos with his appropriately named company ANCHOR brand on it  

Thursday night we met at Jalapeño Tree and ate supper. Drove back to the trailer at 10-10 where "Daddy Wayne" put on an Alberto "line to line" knot tying seminar. Stayed up way too late enjoying each other's company and stories. 4:45 came early for my breakfast duty!  Biscuits and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 

 We decided to start on Beaver Pond at daylight.  Bill went to work with a Whooper Plopper. Slim and I picked up frogs.  We all caught fish but Bill was putting the hooks in em. We watched the Bill Topwater show til the sun got up and the bite switched to soft plastics.   We pick up quality fish pretty steady all morning and Bill caught a fat 6.9lb chunk on a chatterbait.  Broke for lunch and swapped lakes. Leaky was the afternoon destination.  I stayed with my trusty Senko, Slim and Bill swapped from soft plastics to crankbaits to chatterbaits and other various baits.  We continued to pick up quality fish. No giants but solid 4-5lb fish with a few culls mixed in.  About 5:15 we heard the most God awful commotion… it was Wayne and he had a monster in his hand.  We trolled over for pictures and an official weight then congratulatory cigars from Wayne (I think he knew someone was gonna hook into a big eyed beauty!).  Those guys GRIND and catch fish.  The funny thing is our boat was catching numbers and quality, Team Pruitt didn't have the numbers but they sure made up for it in size.  At the end of Friday we swapped back to frogs and Whopper Ploppers.  A few nice fish to finish out the day. Total fish count was 40 with 19 culls. 28 lb bag a dang good day of fishing! 

After fishing til dark we gathered back at the trailer and painfully watched the oven for two hours on some Jurassic Park potatoes that Wayne knocked outta the park.  Again stayed up way too late reliving our catches (especially Wayne's fat girl). 4:45 came too early (see the pattern?). Biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and bacon eased the pain a lil. 


Saturday morning started on Leaky and it was slow compared to Friday. We picked up a few fish on soft plastics but not many. Lunch time rolled around so we took a break, ate, said our goodbyes to Bill and crammed an hour nap into a two hour siesta.  Slim and I decided to give Hawg Trough a shot. Good thing we did. They were loving weedless and weightless soft plastics.  Grasslines and ridges were the hot spots. We caught 2- 7 pounders. Then as the sun started down Slim tied on a GIANT glide frog I went with a Whopper Plopper.  Just as the sun got behind the trees my Whopper Plopper got hit by a truck. Got her reeled up to the boat with a double armload of grass. As I was digging through the grass and Slim was trying to get the net under her she came unbuttoned.  Heartbreak #1.  Easily my biggest fish of the weekend.  As I was drying tears or sweat not sure which slim had a monster blow up on his frog. TWICE. We messed around and had a 25 lb bag that afternoon. 25 fish total with 14 culls. 

The fishing was great!  Boats are big and roomy. It's hot but oh so worth it.  The Pruitt Brothers are no joke and the new guy from Tennessee (Bill) can hold his own with the best of em. Craig Brown offered to clean our Friday and Saturday morning culls and fried fish for us Saturday night. The fish was the best I had ever eaten!  He's a great cook and is a walking wildlife/fishing habitat encyclopedia on top of being a great host.  If you get a chance or make the effort yourself to invite a few guys out to one of these premiere properties DO IT. We had a blast!   Can't wait to go back!


Jul 19 2018 #2

Philip Pruitt


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Nice post Shayne…......I just bought a couple of digital scales after seeing yours. Boga grips are just tough to read at times when you are in a hurry to get a fish back in the water and hard to photograph the fish with the weight visible at the same time. But they are nice for lipping a fish with a mouth full of hooks. So we can’t eliminate the Boga’s but weights are going digital. We are set now. Ready to set the hook on a good one soon… decided where your next lake adventure is? 

Wayne Pruitt



Jul 19 2018 #3

Shayne Wallace


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Man… after the weekend we had at Heartland I don't wanna go anywhere else!   But on the other hand there are so many great properties that are pumping good fish out.  Just a testament to the job Steve, Keri, and Cole are doing finding these amazing properties.  Slim wants to go somewhere he can take his boat. He loves graphing fish on his electronics and making them bite. I just like getting bit.  I had to twist his arm to get him at Heartland (no outside boats) but he quickly changed his mind when his rods started bending.   That said, he's gonna choose our next adventure. I'll just tag along and sink Senkos in the back of the boat.  


Jul 23 2018 #4

Cole Porter


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Flat out whacked them!


Jul 26 2018 #5

William Butler


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I had a heck of a time.  I look forward to the next trip.


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