Good time at 10-10

Sep 09 2018

Danny Renfro

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 19336
Property Name : Home Place Lake: Heartland 10-10 Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/07/2018 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 45
Lures Used : flukes, swimbaits, senkos

Made the 5 hour trip back to east Texas, to meet up with fellow member Shayne Wallace, his son Michael, friends, Justin, and Kevin.  This was my first time at the property, and it's amazing.  The trailer was great, clean all the necessities. Craig is a great host he came and ate steaks and taters with us Friday night.  Picked his brain, about everything.  Great guy. 

Now to the fishing, we caught fish on every lake. A bunch of 20-27lb stringers.  on each boat.  Shayne had the biggest at 6.2.  Several 4's, and 5's caught.  Flukes and weightless senkos seemed to be the ticket.  Grass was very thick in Beaver Pond. I had a big fish break my line, on a short strike right by the boat.  All these lakes have double digits in them. I can't wait to get back here sometime in the early spring when some of the pads, and grass is died back.  I'm sure Shayne will post a more detailed report, with #'s and culls.

Sep 09 2018

Shayne Wallace


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I just re-iced these fish.  Gonna clean em tomorrow at work and get a count then write my report. Very nice to meet a fellow fishing addict. See you next month in Oklahoma.