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Sep 11 2018 #1

Shayne Wallace


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The Trailer at Heartland 10-10 Ranch, Marshall

Fun at Heartland

We had a crew show up at Heartland this past weekend.  Myself, Slim (Michael), contractors/buddies Justin and Kevin and fellow PWF member Danny Renfro. Got there late Thursday night and got on the water just before daylight. Danny and I started on Beaver Pond. It's as grassy as I've ever seen it with grass reaching the surface in places I've never seen grass before. As luck would have it my first fish was my biggest fish of the weekend. A nice 6.24 tried to take my weightless Senko away from me. Danny caught lots of fish and we ended the morning with 26. I thought we did pretty good until we got back to the camp and found out Justin and Kevin caught 42 at Home Place. After some sandwiches and a lil sit around time, Slim showed up after his college classes were done for the day. Back to the water. I fished with Justin and Kevin on Hawg Trough. Michael and Danny went to Leaky. Everyone caught fish. Senkos, swimbaits, squarebills and flukes were the top producers.  Craig fired up the grill for us Friday night so it was ready when we got off the water. We grilled steaks and twice baked potatoes and had Q and A with Craig about the lakes and his incredible deer herd. Saturday morning we all went to Home Place and caught numbers of fish. Broke for lunch. Danny got headed back to Oklahoma and Slim headed to Lake Fork. After saying our goodbyes and a lil nap, Justin, Kevin, and I headed to Leaky. I watched Kevin put fish after fish in the boat for a couple hours then it was Justin's turn. They caught all the bigger fish that afternoon and I was on cull duty. Again the fluke was what the fish wanted. Wrapped it up for the evening with grilled burgers on the back porch of the lodge again with Craig.  Awesome time with awesome people.  Ended up culling 82 fish and caught right around 200 for the weekend.  Heartland has made me a believer.  I can't wait to go back next month.  


Sep 11 2018 #2

Wayne Pruitt


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Great job on Heartland fishing update…................was hoping to see a post with a double d photo… time for sure. Will be booking a 10-10 Leaky Lake Spring Time Trip and find that double d hopefully. Sure need to set the hook on something before then though. Weather has been crazy wet around Houston…..............forecasted rain al the way through Saturday. Thinking about Laneville or Lago Escondido soon…...................

Be Well,



Sep 12 2018 #3

Shayne Wallace


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Thanks Wayne, you know my vote is Laneville!


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