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Sep 13 2018 #1

Michael Seikel


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Hopkins Lake, Guthrie, OK

First TripHopkins Lake

 Nice day on Hopkins Lake. Caught 12 fish in three hours on the larger lake all with wacky Senkos. Tried flukes, chatter baits, top water, and crank baits with no bites. Moved to the smaller second lake. There is a john boat on the second lake but I fished from the bank and caught 15 fish in 2 hours. Half on top water (Dahlberg whopper plopper-can’t believe it really worked) half on super flukes. Both lakes have nice standing and fallen timber. Water extremely clear even after our recent heavy rains. Only downside was small fish. All the fish were one to two and a quarter pounds.


Sep 14 2018 #2

Danny Renfro

Slot Fish

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Good to see a report on this lake.  I live about 45 minutes south of it,  and never made it up there.  Was curious as to how it fished.


Sep 14 2018 #3

Murrie Holland


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Thanks for your report, Michael.

Out of curiosity, on the Whopper Plopper, do you have the new size 75?  If so, did you throw it out at Hopkins Lake?

I recently bought one size 75 Whopper Plopper, but I have not had a chance to use it yet.  I own some other Whopper Plopper lures in other sizes (like the 90 size and the 130 size) and have previously used those and caught some bass.

I am just curious if anyone (Michael or any other members within PWF) have had a chance to use the new 75 size, and if so, how did you like it compared to some other Whopper Plopper sizes?


Sep 14 2018 #4

Michael Seikel


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If you want a partner to fish with up there I am in OKC and we could meet up.


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