Tushka Oak Meadow October 6

Oct 08 2018

Greg Zimmerman


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Reservation Number : 19616
Property Name : Oak Meadow Lake
Reservation Date : 10/06/2018 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 16 LMB, 7 black crappie
Lures Used : frog; keitech; senko

Saturday was a beautiful day for fishing, though it was sunnier than the weather forecast predicted. Tushka Oak Meadow is a very nice property. An easy two-hour drive up 75 North from Dallas, with easy to follow and detailed directions to get to the lake and boat launch. 16 LMB total for the day, with five culls. Largest LMB was 2.97 lbs, with four others around 2.5 lbs, two at 2.1-2.4 lbs, and four more just above the cull requirement. The bigger LMB were caught on hollow body frog adjacent to the grass line, including one at the boat launch upon arrival. There are some very nice size black crappie at this lake. I caught seven while bass fishing off the main point grass line with a keitech paddletail swimbait with in-line spinner on a weighted hook, in the vicinity of the major creek line, all ranging between 1.64 and 1.88lbs. The biggest one was about 15 inches.

Oct 08 2018

Steve Alexander


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Glad you liked it; so much that you were able to rebook for this Saturday. Should be much cooler this weekend!