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Oct 23 2018 #1

Shayne Wallace


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Hawg Trough Lake: Heartland 10-10 Ranch, Marshall

Quality over Quantity

I took a buddy of mine out to Heartland for a day and a half of fishin. The weatherman was dead wrong. The clouds and light wind looked more like bluebird and gusts up to 15-20.  We tried em shallow, we tried em deep, we tried em at all speeds of retrieve. And we caught a few each way but no one way stood out from another.  A jig was the best producer overall.   Ended up catching a 26 lb bag best 5.  Culled 12.  Total fish 35 for the day and a half.  I REALLY LOVE THIS PLACE. Craig I'm coming back soon to help you out buddy!



Oct 23 2018 #2

Justin Anderson


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Dude, sounds like a solid day!


Oct 23 2018 #3

Shayne Wallace


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Number of Posts : 98

Oh it was!   I always feel like I'm complaining "only catching 35 fish".  PWF has spoiled me terribly. It's your fault Steve!  Haha!!!     Justin, I am gonna try to put something together this spring at Heartland, you should give it a shot.  I'll talk it over with Craig (when his deer guiding slows down) and Steve.  Maybe I can talk Steve into blasting out an email to everyone some time in late Feb…   this place is my idea of heaven.   We watched a 160" buck chase two does down the edge of Hawg Trough and as that was happening got a jig bite, BAM!, 7 lb fish.   The good Lord knows what we need and when we need it.


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