Slow but Steady at Old Oaks Ranch - 10/28/18

Oct 29 2018

Bob Scheidemann

Slot Fish

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Beautiful afternoon to be outside fishing!

Fished from noon to sunset and the action was slow but steady throughout the entire afternoon. Tank full to the brim from recent rain and the road across dam was still muddy, precluding access to the onsite pelican. Water still muddy but clarity slightly improved from last trip…~1ft yesterday.

Caught 8 bass ranging in size from 12" to 18" with most above 15". All healthy! No significant pattern established throughtout the afternoon as the fish seemed to prefer a moving style bait (chatter, spinner, lipless and sq bill). No success with plastics (dropshot, trig, wacky, carolina). All of the action occured north of the island where the tank narrows up.

Till next time!