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Nov 04 2018 #1

Mark Daugherty

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Rock Creek: La Roca Range, Santo

Saturday, Nov 3rd - Santo, Rock Creek (beautiful place, scattered fish)

Reservation Number : 19720
Property Name : Rock Creek: La Roca Range
Reservation Date : 11/03/2018 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 11 harvested / 3 returned (up to 3-9)
Lures Used : boot-tail swimbait, sm/heavy single spin spinnerbait

We ventured to Rock Creek (the smaller lake) at La Roca Range on Saturday.  This is a beautiful ranch and an awesome addition to the club (many thanks to PWF and the land owners).  Club boat/trailer worked great - wide/stable jon boat.  You all know what the wind was doing on Saturday - but this lake did offer protection being it is completely tree-lined.  Speaking of the trees - we found the fish to be scattered and primarily "in the trees" and closer to shore - fishing here is not without challenge big time.  So, we didn't exactly clean up - with 11 harvested / 3 returned (up to 3-9) mostly on weighted boot-tail and a sm/heavy single spin spinnerbait - seemed like a situation made for traditional T-Rig, weighted worm but couldn't coax them with that.  Very enjoyable day - will definitely return.  Blessed!

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