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Jan 09 2019 #1

Tom Strother


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San Jacinto Bend, Conroe

Stuck at San Jacinto Bend


My first trip to San Jacinto Bend resulted in one 3/4 lb bass and one stuck Silverado. No problem coming from the gate, but the launch area is still a bit slick.  We managed to use some of the fallen timber to gain traction, so no wrecker service was required. The bite was basically non existent.  My guest and I threw crank baits, Sencos, Tx rigged Power Worms,and Chatterbaits.  Only one fish in 3 hours of fishing.  Just one of those early season trips.  Better days ahead as Spring approaches. 








Jan 09 2019 #2

Christopher Roberts


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Hi Tom, thanks for the report. Do you have 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel? Curious as this lake is close and would like to try sometime.

Jan 10 2019 #3

Tom Strother


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Hi Chris 

I drive a 2 wheel Silverado.  You shouldn’t have any problem barring any further downpours.  Traction was the issue.  No bogging down of the wheels.  Just watch for any slick spots at the launch site.

Good luck!



Jan 11 2019 #4

Jason Owens


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I got stuck there in a 2wd Silverado as well.  The Friday after Thanksgiving. Same deal, I was able to use some logs and what not to work my way out.  I did have about a dozen bites that day and landed 6.  Mostly on medium diving crankbaits punt in the middle.  Didn’t have my depth finder with me, so I was using the crankbaits to sort of map the bottom and ended up running into some fish.  A couple were over estimated to be over 3lb.  


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