3 Guys...Only 9 Bass

Feb 25 2019

John Shepard

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Reservation Number : 20372
Property Name : BlackJack Ranch
Reservation Date : 02/24/2019 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 9 bass; 12-16"
Lures Used : finesse curly tail worms

Ron Dupree, Bob Scheidemann, and I fished BlackJack Ranch on the afternoon of the 24th.  It was a beautiful day; post-front, bluebird sky, moderate breeze, and upper 50's temperature.  The water level has dropped several inches and the abundant submerged vegetation is forming extensive mats as algae intertwines with the tops of the weeds.  Water temp was 54-55 degrees and clarity is still high.  A white lure is visible at over 6 feet.

For several hours, two of us would fish the outer weed lines and central open area from the boat while the other punched from the pier or from shore. This approach yielded 4 bass over 4 hours.  During this time frame, the lake looked "dead" with no visible surface activity or any movement in the shallows.  This changed at about 4:30 when bass started to spook on the west shoreline when a lure landed (or even was still in the air).  Ron caught one on a frog this way but the day's champion was Bob who caught twice as many bass as Ron and I combined.  Bob used a weightless finesse curly tailed worm in clear pockets in less than 2 feet of water.

There are obviously bass in the lake and a talented "puncher" can probably do well.  Unfortunately, none of the three of us are very experienced/talented with that technique.  So, a frustrating day on the water but still a quality outdoor experience.