Good day at Hondo 777 Ranch

Mar 11 2019

Blake Posey


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Fished March 8th, 2019

Fished 7 to 7 with a hour or so lunch.

Water temp: Started at 58.5 degrees and warmed to 68 degree by end of the day

Water Clarity: 1.5-3 Ft 

Air Temp: 65-85 in afternoon

Water appeared to be 1-3 ft high

My best friend and I (both Members) went to Triple 7 for a day of fishing. It was our first time fishing and being to this location. Entry and signing release form went smooth with no problems, everyone on the ranch were very welcoming.

Boat launch went smooth on the concrete ramp. It wasn't steep but could be when the water is at normal level and you can back trailer further into water.

Started fishing in the boat launch cove and started around the bank toward the lodge. In the second cove by the lodge within the first 30 mins on the small brush pile in the back we caught the biggest fish of the day at 5 lbs 5 oz on a chatterbait. The rest of the morning was slow but steady as we caught another 8 or so fish with a couple 2-3 lbs fish. No fish on the three trees in front of the lodge or along the dam. Most fish in the morning were caught along the bank on the small submerged brush piles near the pier, lodge and boat ramp cove. (basically small downed branches but caught a fish on almost everyone around the lake) Ended the morning with a 4.5 lbs on brush in the boat ramp cove with a Googan Baits Bandito Bug.

When we got back from lunch around 1:30 we got into some fish at the boat ramp cove point and bank by the cabins with wacky rigged stick o watermelon color and a shaky head with a junebug colored ribbed stick bait. Bryan caught a big fish on the junebug stick bait that in my opinion was about 6+ lbs that we lost just before getting to the boat after a large jump. 

The rest of the afternoon was a success as we continued the same patterns with chatterbaits and stick baits along the bank targeting the brush piles and cover. Caught three buzzbait fish at the end of the day.

Overall had a great experience with some good fish caught. We finished with about 30 fish on the day. Was a little tough finding fish throughout the lake as there was little cover to be found on the bottom and no grass to speak of. We were both very confused as to why we didnt get a single bite on the three trees that were sticking up above the surface of the water in about 5-8 feet as they were the only visible cover throughout the lake other than the pier.

Great place to spend the day, and we will for sure be back.