K Bar Ranch

Mar 12 2019

Marshall Hogue


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Fished on Friday afternoon 3/8/19 from 1 till 4:30. Wind was howling and white caps on smaller lake. Bank fished and caught 27 with biggest at 2# and all the rest small, 14" and some around 8". Used spinner bait and plastics and then went to end of lake by entrance and started throwing small deep diving crank bait into wind blown bank. Caught 12 in 30 minutes, all small but fun.

25 acre lake is flooded and cannot get to fishable water but it looked really nice.

This lake is 10 minutes from my Bay house and is really easy to go by on way down after work. Look forward to putting Kayak in bigger lakes.

Met owner and thanked him for letting us enjoy his lakes. Also 2 friendly donkeys came to see me while i was there. Just stared at me and kept their distance. Friendly cows also.

Great spot for a few hours of getting away from it all.