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Mar 12 2019 #1

Billy Morton


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Leaky Lake: Heartland 10-10 Ranch, Marshall

One Bite No Fish

This was the second day of two for my wife, son, and myself (first day was hawg trough). Just as the title mentions, between the three of us I had one bite and again it was on a top water plug. This time a very large fish smashed it and took off. This thing was stripping drag from my Revo like I have never experienced. I hollered at my son to get the net and a few seconds later the fight seemed to come to a halt, she wrapped me up in the underwater timber. I gave it some slack, tried everything I could think of before finally just breaking off.

That was all of the excitement for the full day at Leaky. We threw absolutely everything we had and tried every technique to no avail. Just like Hawg Trough the day before, there was zero activity from anything in the water. The water was still cool to the touch, I'm pretty sure we were a few weeks too early. Better luck next time.



Mar 12 2019 #2

Steve Alexander


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Ouch, that is slow. I wish you had landed that fish, it could have made a slow trip into a great trip. One fish can do that. I'm surprised that the fish came on a top water plug. It is very very early to throw top water baits. Water needs to come up at least 10 degrees. 

Kirk Massey is fishing some of lakes this week and catching. He's caught a few 6 lbers and still has another day of fishing. Hopefully he will post his reports.  Bruce Bernard, who caught the 11.3 in San Antonio last weekend is fishing Leaky Thursday. Hopefully the lake turns on.  Sometimes it is all timing. 


Mar 12 2019 #3

Billy Morton


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Number of Posts : 63

Yeah I was very surprised it hit the top water as well but I thought since I did catch one on Hawg Trough the day before on the same lure, I figured I would give it a whirl. I can usually get bit on this plug regardless of the conditions and all of my largest fish have come off of the same one. They just can't resist it, usually. 

The ranch hand (I am terrible with names, I apologize, I can't recall) said some other folks on Beaver Pond had caught a handfull each the day before (we were on Hawg Trough). We threw everything he suggested both days, cranks, paddle tail with underspin, and plastics all out deeper, but nothing. I agree Steve, it is all about timing, the Bass Forecast app had us at a 2.5 Poor the first day and 4.0 Fair the second. We fished through the evening peak time as well. We just missed them this time.


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