Slow day in Marshall

Mar 21 2019

Mart Martindale


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Reserved Hog Trough for the day.  Had to leave Dallas late so did not get there until 11am.  Battery was dead, but PWF had called just in case and told us to move to any other lake we like….which was great.  Fished Leaky for 3 hours, then Beaver for 1.5.  Caught 9 fish total (7 at Leaky, 2 at Beaver).  At Leaky, our seven fish were an 8.5#, two 4#, and four small bass under 15" which we kept.  At Beaver we only caught a 4# and a 3#er.  All fish caught on Strike King Rage Bug….except for one 4# fish at Beaver which was caught on a Strike King KVD 1.0 Square Bill off the dam.  A front blew in and ran us off the lake….otherwise we'd have stayed at it for a couple of more hours.