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Mar 23 2019 #1

Mark Daugherty

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Melody Acres, Crockett

Friday, Mar 22nd - Crockett - Melody Acres (some fun action, no bigger ones)

Reservation Number : 20353
Property Name : Melody Acres
Reservation Date : 03/22/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 24 total / 22 removed
Lures Used : Weightless Senko, jerkbait, weighted hook lizard

We fished Melody Acres on Friday under cloudless skies and DEAD CALM water.  Water temps were 66 to 71 with viz to around 30'' and tea stained.  There were many small males on beds.  You could clearly see them and they could clearly see us.  We needed either some clouds or some ripples, but got neither.  Made the boat nav and casting super easy, but the fish were crazy spooky.  As soon as the shadow of our bait would get near the shallows you could see the wake for 20 feet as they scattered.  So, all in all, we landed 24 with 22 removed and 2 returned - and those 2 were only around 15''.  I had one solid, freight train strike (definitely not a 13'' fish) on a chatterbait but no hookup.  The little ones fell for green pumpkin Senkos and swimbait hooked juneug lizards and a few went for a bone jerkbait with longer pauses.  Blessed to be on the water and to such a peaceful escape - will get the big one next time!

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