Cody Ranch Twin Lakes 5/4/19

May 06 2019

Harrison Papaila


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Fished from 7 to 5 on Saturday May 4, 2019 at Cody Ranch Twin Lakes following a week of rain and storms. Air temp 50s-60s, cloudy, breezy, water temp 65, visibility in South Lake only a few inches, visibility in North Lake about a foot. The heavy rains washed out a portion of the road to twin lakes. Have to cross a moderately wide/deep stream—no go without 4wd.

Started on South Lake. Caught a dink early on a whopper plopper along the south bank. Then worked the timber for several hours with no luck. Tried jigs, various plastics, spinners, chatterbaits, squarebill crankbaits, and a rattletrap.  Moved to the E/SE portion close to the bank and caught 3 more dinks on soft plastics.

Switched to North Lake around 1 and fished the bank. Had most luck along the east and north sides with wacky rigs. 4 more dinks.

Returned to South Lake to finish the day.  Caught one more dink. Largest fish of the day was 1.5 pounds with the rest (8) less than a pound. Tough after the weather, but a beautiful property. Would like to go back in better conditions. Look out for snakes.