Fun day at Signal Ranch (5/9)

May 14 2019

Jason Allen


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A friend and I tried Signal Ranch for the first time.  Neither he or I are good bass fisherman at all, and my friend has a disability that limits his mobility.  I'm glad we chose Signal Ranch.  The property was very well kept, was extremely easy to access, and the boat was very comfortable.  We fished from about 6am to 5pm or so, only to break for a fishing pole that went overboard near the dock/lillypad areas.  Most fish were in the 2-3lb range, biggest was just shy of 4lbs.  Another more recent fishig report noted that the fish were a bit thinner post spawn.  We definitely experienced that.  While our biggest was just shy of 4lbs, they looked much much larger at the head, just didn't have full bellies.  As others have noted, we too had the most luck along the shoreline, right at the edge of the algae.  We did spend a good portion of our day near the dock and the lilly pads, and we lost our fair share to those bulky lilly pad stalks.  I've never caught so many bass on a topwater.  For most of the morning, we were using texas rig worms (mostly red shad/plum colors) and a little spinner.  Once the afternoon came around, the bite slowed, but the bass were still nailing a white topwater popper near the lilly pads.

We are not experienced fisherman, and can easily see how some of the better fisherman are pulling 100+ fish out of here on a full day.  We didn't spend too much time exploring the deeper parts of the lake in the center.

I've never caught so many bass in one day in my life, and I don't think I used more than 2-3 different baits all day (1 popper, and 2 colors of worms).

The cleanliness and accessibility of the property were top notch, and I highly recommend it.

Thanks Signal Ranch for a memorable day!